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There's this idiot going around posting spoilers in the AC tags, the name is andreziololz, he's made over a hundred posts that are the same exact thing. Just spoilers, thought you'd like to spread it :)

While I have already blocked said blogger (and masterassassin3, who is also doing the same thing), everyone else may want to take the precaution. Just go to http://www.tumblr.com/block and enter in those URLs and you should be safe.



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Personally I'm not worried about spoilers... I'm not going to be on long enough between playing and RL responsibilities to notice :P. Just a couple more hours now. DOWN WITH THE TEMPLARS!!!

Hahaha, true facts. Although, since I’m a computer programming major, I’m online about 90% of my school day, so I always have Tumblr open. So I know that I’ve been worried about spoilers, which means that others are probably worried too (and hugs to everyone who was spoiled by masterassassin3 & Co. the last couple of days). But I’m glad you don’t have to worry about them! 



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Can I just say how I think you are possibly the best group of mods we could have hoped for? Thanks for the awesome spoiler policy and please keep up the great work! *___*

Oh, if I actually filled the queue on a regular basis, I maybe would begin to live up to your praise, but thank you SO much all the same! I’m glad that the spoiler policy is agreeable, and now that midterms are finished, I should have time to fill the queue until it runs out.

Again, thanks for the love!



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ACPs Assassin’s Creed III/Liberation Spoiler Policy

Howdy assassins! As most of you already know, the release dates are upon us, and with that, the rampant spreading of Teh Spoilerz. We here at Assassin’s Creed Problems realize that A) PC gamers are currently cursing Ubisoft from atop a mountain; and B) even if you own a 360/PS3/Vita, you may not be able to get a copy of either game until the holidays. As such, here are our policies:

  1. Spoiler-themed problems regarding either AC3 or Liberation will not be posted until January 1st, 2013.
  2. Submissions regarding AC3 or Liberation can be submitted starting December 1st. Please title the submissions AC3 Spoiler! or Liberation Spoiler! just in case I haven’t completed the games yet, to save me from murderous rage.
  3. When we do start posting spoilers, we will tag them ACIII Spoilers and Liberation Spoilers until February 1st. After that, you are on your own.

Hopefully these are to your liking, and if they are not, feel free to unfollow and return to us when you’re through with the games. Also, you can continue to submit problems, as long as they aren’t spoilery in nature.

Have fun at the midnight releases tonight/tomorrow you guys! And all East Coast assassins: stay safe, you guys!


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Actually about problem 1136 Does Anyone Ever Eat? You can find a few citizens in Roma eating an apple and some throwing it away on the ground. Yes, half eaten apples on the streets! So sad... :(

(Great find!)


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I'm the anon who was just commenting on Connor donning the robes. I always saw any variant of the Assassin robes - in-universe - as sort of a secret sign to those in the know, showing that he's an Assassin without blaring it to everyone like they did in AC1. It's debatable whether his donning the robes is a mark of him just trying to use the Assassin identity along with the Kenway identity, or him becoming the mask. I personally don't know. I'm actually wondering if I missed some backstory here.

At this point, searching out information regarding Connor’s back story is a slippery slope straight down into Spoilers Hell, so I’m going to post your speculation without rebuttal, and just reiterate the excitement that 2/3 of the fandom is feeling right now:



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Like the rest of the positive minded people I have to agree that this blog is the tits. Whenever I see something pop up like, "Hurry up and climb Ezio" I always slap my forehead and go, "Good lord the number of times I've done that!" Keep it up!

Thank you so much! I’m glad that the submissions resonate with you.


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Aside from being a very well polite admin as a lot have already mentioned, I want to answer myself to the half-empty glass comment. I think something people don't realize about "[Insert name here] Problems" is that you are actually putting something under a much comical light. You're not really criticizing things. It just fun to point them out as little flaws that everyone enjoy, without however being disrespectful or rough towards the creators. Just thought I might add that.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!


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